For Healthcare Professionals

We have created PDF sheets to illustrate some ways that Tiny Tastes can be used to help implement your feeding or nutrition therapy recommendations at home. The app was designed to be a versatile mealtime companion to help families have better experiences with the feeding and eating process. Feel free to print/download any of these ideas to send along home with your client when useful.

NUTRITION/THERAPY topics for which Tiny Tastes can be useful:

Anorexia (i.e. lack of appetite/intake)   
Autism Spectrum Disorder   [PDF]
Behavioral Issues
Bone Marrow Transplant   [PDF] 
Breakfast Intake   [PDF]
Cancer Treatment   [PDF]
Constipation   [PDF]
Cystic Fibrosis   [PDF] 
Developmental Disabilities
Diabetes, Type 1   [PDF]
Diabetes, Type 2   [PDF] 
Disordered Eating
Enteral Nutrition Weaning
Food Allergies 
Formula Intake Improvement   [PDF]
Eosinophilic Esophagitis 
Failure to Thrive   [PDF] 
GI Discomfort 
Growth Hormone Therapy   [PDF]
High-Calorie Drinks   [PDF]
Inborn Errors of Metabolism 
Malnutrition   [PDF]
Normal Nutrition
Nutrition Supplement Drink Intake   [PDF] 
Oncology   [PDF]
Overweight/obesity   [PDF]
"Picky" Selective Eating
Portion Sizes
Prader-Willi Syndrome   [PDF]
Pre-diabetes   [PDF]
Protein Intake Improvement   [PDF]
Renal Diet
Sensory Disorders
Slow Growth or Gain   [PDF]
Texture Issues
Toddler Diet   [PDF]
Tube Feeding Transition to PO Intake
Vegetarian diet

*This list is in-progress, more sample sheets will be coming soon

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